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Hello, we are Brandimport! – We are crafter and designer of Handmade Fashion Accessories, Fashion Jewelry, and custom Weddings from Japan (Boho Morigirls Fashion Jewelry, Vintage Style Handmade Fashion Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry and Accessories)

Our story… While walking in nature, hiking in mountains, or stepping along the streets you are familiar with, you will discover blooming flowers along the way.  They are not what you normally see in flower markets.  They are not positioned artificially but rather offhandedly.  Various seasonal flowers are tangled and crowded together, yet such a mischief of nature brings you a sense of happiness, joy, peace, and a smile to your face.

Flowers and humans are inseparable friends on this beautiful planet.  From the celebration of birth to the journey to your heavenly next life, people celebrate many occasions with flowers.  Love is often confessed with sentimental and passionate flowers.  A single-stem flower for instance can make your life happier and more joyous livening up any dull places.

So many of us are connected with this symbol of happiness and joy around the world, which flowers brings to us, and we believe that it serves as such a simple yet powerful concept at Brandimport.  With our respect for organic and love for the environment, we create our happiness and joyful product lines with world class artisans at every step of the way with master craftsman at the helm.

Please discover our vintage style handmade fashion accessories, necklace, earrings, bracelets, jewelry rings, wedding accessories, and fashion accessories.  All our Fashion Jewelry are handmade in Japan.

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