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    Cockscomb Necklace

    Cockscomb Necklace

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    Quick Overview:

    Cockscomb, famous for its vivid and gallant colors. Soft velvet pedals comes together in this extraodinary piece. Tiny pearls lining the chain creates an elegant yet vivid look. With a ribbon attached to the end of the chain. This piece is absolutely irresistible that is both visually appealing in the front as well as from behind.
    * Metal fittings material: plating


    - 32cm L, 5cm adjuster
    - Cockscomb, Tiny Pearls, Ribbon
    - Made in Japan

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    Portia's Notes:

    A simple piece is never simple especially when girls are perusing through the jewelry rack.  You really don’t know how to choose sometimes.  There are just simply too many things out there that screams take me home baby!

    When we were doing the model shoots I saw it paired with few simple color dresses and it looked phenomenal.  The necklace takes the dress from looking pretty to complete. I love transformative pieces like this and couldn't be more pleased with it.  It’s one of the easiest piece to wear that comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from.  Just a simple jean and T-shirt or shirt can pair perfectly well with this piece other than a dress.

    Additional Information

    Due to the product being handmade; images, color, shape, and dimensions vary slightly for each piece. Product utilizes preserved flowers, fabric flowers, artificial flowers, silk flowers, or delicate laces for an antique feel which makes the materials extremely sensitive. Please keep material dry as it may cause discoloration when exposed to water. Please handle with care.

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